Litigation: Dispute Resolutions in Thailand

The civil law in Thailand normally covers disputes and resolutions in Thailand. Typically, the court will not uphold a prior legal decision. Also, Thailand does not support jury verdicts. Only the court decides cases. Mediation is therefore used often when resolving disputes.

Mediation is Encourage to Resolve Legal Disputes

In fact, the court system encourages mediation, as it can be used to settle differences before litigants reach the courtroom. If conflict resolution or mediation does not favorably resolve a dispute, your Thai lawyer, if experienced, can adroitly handle your case. He or she knows the judicial process and can help you receive a fair and equitable settlement or resolution.

Choose a Lawyer Who Is a Good Communicator

To ensure that any litigation is handled favorably, you need to work only with an attorney whose knowledge and skills best represent your legal concerns. He or she should have experience presenting cases in all the courts – the lower courts, the Court of Appeal, as well as the Supreme Court. Make sure you work with a lawyer who can speak both English and Thai. That way, there will not be any problems with respect to communication. If you need the assistance of a lawyer in Thailand, please contact us.