Property Title Transfer in Thailand

The legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one party to another is known as the transfer of property title in Thailand. The general procedures for transferring a property title in Thailand are as follows:

1. Preparing a contract between the buyer and seller that defines the terms and conditions of the sale is the first stage. It is best to obtain the help of a lawyer who is knowledgeable in Thai law and language because this contract is typically written in Thai.

2. Due diligence: The buyer should perform extensive due diligence on the property, including looking over the land title deed, confirming ownership, and making sure there are no liens or other encumbrances present.

3. Transfer charge: The transfer fee, which is typically 2% of the registered value of the property, must be paid by the buyer.

4. Transfer registration: The land office where the property is located is where the transfer of ownership must be registered. Both the buyer and the seller, along with their ID cards, must be present at the Land Office to sign the transfer documents.

5. Taxes: All property taxes, including the transfer fee, stamp duty, and withholding tax, are the buyer’s responsibility. The registered value of the property determines the tax burden.

6. A new title deed will be provided in the buyer’s name when the transfer has been recorded, designating that person as the new owner of the property.

It is important to keep in mind that the procedure for transferring a property title can be complicated and may vary based on the particulars of the sale. Therefore, it is advised that you consult a lawyer who is knowledgeable about Thai property law and who can lead you through the process.

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